I•GIS is an innovative Geoscience software company involved in various R&D projects in geology, soil, groundwater, and its latest, the field of agro. The projects range from developing new functions for GeoScene3D to creating new products and participating in large-scale international research projects.   


Our development team is working on implementing artificial intelligence and machine learning into software products. Our primary skills are data management and interpreting big data in geological and geophysical contexts. Our R&D partners include Aarhus University, The University of Copenhagen, Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland, SDU and The Technical University of Lund.
We connect scientists with industry practitioners through software and technology development. 
We are a strong interdisciplinary team of geophysicists, geologists, mathematicians, IT, and web developers as well as GIS Experts. The versatility of the team means that we have a deep understanding of both technological details and the geological reality our customers experience. This advantage enables us to create solutions that meet your challenges and needs. We participate in R&D projects and connect scientists with industry practitioners.
GeoScene3D Extension Modules